Program Title:

Quality function deployment (QFD)

Quality function deployment (QFD) is a method to transform qualitative user demands into quantitative parameters, to deploy the functions forming quality, and to deploy methods for achieving the design quality into subsystems, processes or subprocesses, and ultimately to specific elements of the over-all end-to-end process. QFD is designed to help focus on characteristics of a new or existing product or service from the viewpoints of market segments, company, or technology-development needs. The technique yields charts and matrices. QFD helps transform customer needs (the voice of the customer [VOC]) into engineering characteristics (and appropriate test methods) for a product or service, prioritizing each product or service characteristic while simultaneously setting development targets for product or service.
Course Overview:

This 2-Day training provides an introduction to the history, organizational benefits, and methodology of quality function deployment (QFD). Participants will understand a four-phase QFD process, know how to calculate a phase I QFD matrix, and be able to determine the data necessary for moving into phases II, III, and IV in a QFD process. They will also learn the basics needed to design robust products and services, document process design strategies, and create control and maintenance strategies. This course include of lecture, and exercises to help participants further understand and appreciate the application of this tool.
This course includes:

✔Capturing the Concept of Quality
✔Targeting the Kano model
✔Branching out with the quality success tree
✔How to Determine Customer Requirements ("Voice of the Customer")
✔Establishing Designing Requirements
✔Constructing the Product Planning Relationship Matrix
✔Making Cascading Matrices Work for You
✔Design alternative selection
✔Determine subassembly and part characteristics
✔Ascertain manufacturing processes
✔Targeting quality controls
✔Comparing the Relationship of QFD and Other Product and Process Design Tools

This course is ideal for:

✔ Quality Leader / Managers / Engineer
✔ Product/Process Design or Development Manager / Engineer
✔ Sales/marketing Manager / Engineer
✔ Quality Assurance Manager / Engineer