Program Title:

Lean Six Sigma Black Yellow Belt

This is the first stepping stone of being a Lean Six Sigma practitioner. This course is ideal for all employees of organizations implementing a Lean Six Sigma program, regardless on which department one works for. A Yellow Belt will be able to implement small process improvements, by understanding the fundamentals Lean and DMAIC process.
Course Overview:

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training is a 16-hour course focusing on the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to identify and execute 6 sigma projects with the use of its principles, practices, tools, and approaches that will result to operational excellence. One of the primary aims of the program is to enable the participant to start up a LSS project in their respective organizations after course completion. The course is completely participative in nature that will incorporate discussions, classroom instruction, and workshop exercises.

The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course is comprised of Five modules, below are some of the subjects that you should expect to be tackled during the training:

✔ Marriage of Lean and Six Sigma
✔ The Lean Principles and forms of wastes
✔ The DMAIC Framework
✔ Capturing the Voice of the Customer (VOC)
✔ Introduction to Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Tool Kit (Descriptive and Inferential Statistics)
✔ Quantifying Process Variability
✔ Solutions Formulation and Prioritization
✔ Quantifying Project Benefits

The training package includes the following: Training Manual, LSS Yellow Belt Template and Tool Kit, Introduction to MinitabĀ® Statistical Software and On-line Certification Examination.