Program Title

LSS Champions Training

LSS Champions are higher managers and leaders within an organization implementing Lean Six Sigma. They understand the direction and objectives of the organization, set forth by organization executives. identify and prioritize LSS objectives and projects that are given to teams and LSS Black Belts, who will lead and implement projects for the Champions, as one of their primary project stakeholders.
Course Overview:

This 2-day training are for high-level managers and leaders who facilitates the execution of a Lean Six Sigma deployment plans for their work-span, a department, division, or a the entire company, which makes one of the most critical roles in any successful Lean Six Sigma improvement initiative. This training is designed to enable champions select the projects, coordinate with Black-belts, review progress, and mentor the Black Belts/Green Belts in order for the deployment of a LSS to be effective. This training course has lectures and basic exercise to understand and advocate basic fundamentals and origins of Lean Six Sigma, which participants can readily bring back to their organization as a strategy to achieve customer satisfaction, efficiency and quality.