Program Title:

Design Thinking Application

Design Thinking is a methodology on user centric problem solving. It makes the end user the focal point, and by understanding better and empathizing with the end users pain points, needs and goals, the ideas generated are focused on giving the user a more delightful product or service experience. Design Thinking is a very collaborative way to idea generation and problem solving.
Who can benefit from this?

Design thinking is a practical approach to problem solving. Anyone who wants to improve, refine or innovate any product, process or services. Teams who wants to have a collaborative environment where they can co – design projects or products. Anyone who just want to learn more user centric approach to problem solving. What’s in it for you?

1.) Anyone who just want to learn more user centric approach to problem solving.
2.) You will learn why its critical to understand and empathize with your end users.
3.) You will learn to think outside the box.
4.) Embrace discomfort.
5.) Encourage absurd ideas
6.) Collaborate with multi disciplinary teams
7.) How to fail fast, fail cheap and iterate

What’s the workshop like?

- It will be very interactive and activity base.
- Everyone will participate and present.
- Work on real life problems/ innovative projects.

Course Outline:

• Design Thinking Framework
• User Problem Statement
• Understanding the User
• Doug Dietz / User Research / Personas
• Emphaty Maps
• As-is Process Review
• Ideation
• Prioritization
• Playback the Artifacts
• Storyboards
• Playback Intro
• Playback Theatre
• Executive Playback Theatre
• Earliest Usable Product
• Prototyping